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Friday, December 21, 2007


Software Design Engineer (SDE)

JOB DESCRIPTION (POSITION PROFILE) Senior Software Design Engineers with a flair for designing and developing scalable enterprise applications on the .NET platform.A minimum of 2 years experience on the .NET platform is required. 5 plus years of work related experience is required. Strong communication skills required.


CRITICAL REQUIREMENT Strong coding and design skills in Object-Oriented Programming with C/C++, C#, COM and Win32, with development experience in a Microsoft products environment.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENT Experience with development in Web Services, .NET and C# is highly preferred


- Where (with which Client) will the candidates work in the US? – The candidates will be on Aditi US payroll and will work with Microsoft Redmond

- - Will Aditi bear my (Candidate’s) H1b processing and flight charges to the US? – Yes

- - Will Aditi process my (Candidate’s) spouse’s H4 visa? Yes but after the Candidate is Onsite and is working on an Assignment.

- - Will I (Candidate) be eligible for all the normal benefits (Medical benefits etc) once I reach the US? – Yes (as applicable to all Aditi US RFT employees)

- - What will the duration of the project/stay in the US be? – H1 B will be valid for 3 yrs and you may work with different clients through Aditi during this period. H1 will be extended thereafter.

- - Will Aditi help me with relocation (initial boarding and lodging on reaching US)? - Yes

Total years of experience:
Current ctc :
Expected ctc:
Relevant experience:
Notice period:

Pls fill it and copy to top of the resume.

Interested Candidates pls forward your resume to

For further details pls contact me @ @ 044-43911631.
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