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Saturday, January 10, 2015

TCS LayOffs - Is it True ?

Tata Consultancy Layoffs - TCS LayOffs - What is happening? 

Yes! It's happening. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is giving pink slip to its employees. There were constant layoffs in IBM and Layoffs in Oracle / Accenture; these were in news - sometimes in Page 1 and many occasions on the business page. MindTree Layoffs - Fires 70 after background checks was news some years back

So what's happening in TCS! Deepak (name changed) got a call from Cheran (HR) and was asked to meet immediately. Deepak was unaware what was in store and went to meet him only to be told to put down his papers. When Deepak question, the HR had 'advised' him to make the exit 'decently' - only the job is gone and not the career. The HR's point was Deepak - an experienced IT professional couldn't get assigned to a project for the last six months and has to be thrown out!

IT Companies keep some part of manpower as reserve - 'bench'. When someone is in 'bench' for months, he/she becomes stale and needs to be retrained. Exit is the last option though

In the much happening (happened) city of Hyderabad, Ramesh Gurappu got a similar call from HR. Ramesh having two decades of Domain and IT experience was asked to put in his papers - his notice period was one month and he would be entitled for two months 'notice' pay. Ramesh was not entirely surprised, but was bit stoic.

There are many Deepaks, Ramesh's and Poojas who are made to move out as a part of 'restructuring exercise' 

When the world looks to TCS for answers to their IT problems, TCS has failed to answer the basic question ? What is in store for IT employees? A mere statement that '1-2% involuntary attrition is a regular process' doesn't help anyone.

Let the truth come out! India doesn't depend on IT. If TCS predicts a saturation/threshold for Information Technology - the Government, Educational institutions and the youth can change their path accordingly. 

Hope someone answers ! God save all!
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