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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Yahoo!! Hyderabad FE Engineer PHP/JavaScript/AJAX

1: SE/SSE - FE Engineer PHP/JavaScript/AJAX

Your job will entail building web based interfaces to applications which will be used by millions of Yahoo! users. You should have
• Minimum of 3 years of software development
• Expertise in implementing web-based user interfaces using PHP, Javascript, DHTML, and CSS
• Understanding of XML, AJAX and other web 2.0 technologies
• Comfortable with UNIX/LINUX environment

2: TL - Front End Engineer PHP/Javascript/AJAX

• 5+ Years of software development experience with progressively increasing responsibilities
• Expertise in designing and implementing web-based user interfaces using PHP, Javascript, AJAX, DHTML, and CSS
• Know hot to build high performance web application
• Experience in relation databases
• Should be comfortable working in UNIX/LINUX environment
• Experience with full life cycle of product development

Manoj Kumar
Recruitment Executive
Global Resourcing Division,
An Innovative Service Consulting by Ex-IITians
Prasha Solutions Private L! imited,
New Delhi, INDIA.
Contact : 011-64670304
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