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Friday, July 25, 2008

Siebel Architect in Tech Mahindra, Pune

1. Technical Architect
• Assessment & Resolution of Platform level Capacity Issues
• Architecture Consultancy representing view on scalability, resilience, disaster recovery, Concurrency control, volumetric, performance in terms of throughput & response time, Security and Access Control, Exception Management ( timeouts, non availability impacts etc )
• Provide design assurance around architectural aspects of integration with other systems
2. Enterprise Architect
• Siebel Deployment Design for each release.
• Provide Design Assurance from an Architecture perspective for upcoming releases ( any changes/deployments) & be able to provide guidance to resolve any issues : for example any performance faults that trace back to Siebel Architecture
• Be the "fourth" line of support for any significant production issues whose root lie into Siebel architecture and/or how Siebel is delivered on the core OS.
Core Skills ( Necessary)
1. Technical Architect
• Be able to evaluate suitability of a particular product from an architecture standpoint
• Conceptual clarity on all the above areas and demonstrated in at least one of the project life cycle.
• Be able to relate Siebel Architecture and deployment concepts to assess impact on overall system (OS, network etc).
• Understand & Appreciate Integration Frameworks, technologies, products coming up in market and how they could be exploited within realm of a Siebel CRM platform.
2. Enterprise Architect
 Hands on to the Unix platform
 Good understanding of how Siebel is architected i.e. how various components ( physical and logical ) work.
 Be able to understand and simplify the Siebel "jargon" ( terminology )
 Demonstrated experience on prior project of how Siebel can be configured/customised for optimal behaviour ( user experience or performance)

Minimum Experience:-
1. Technical Architect
Minimum 6-7 years in the software industry and at least 1-2 years in capacity as technical architect as defined above

2. Enterprise Architect

Minimum 6-7 years in the industry with at least 1 year on Siebel project and must have gone through the deployment phase

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