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Monday, June 2, 2008

Excellent Onsite Opportunity - Networking Professionals

For More Details contact Madhuri Annam -9394234999. Excellent Onsite and Offshore Opportunities Exist for Network Professionals with Ethical Hacking Certification.

Here’s your chance to learn ethical hacking from Ankit Fadia himself and get certified.

Learn the latest Computer Security tools & techniques of Ethical Hacking from world-renowned Computer Security Guru Ankit Fadia and get Certified

New, advanced Program Contents

Ankit Fadia Certified Ethical Hacker 2.0 is a one-of-its-kind certification program in Ethical Hacking that aims at training and certifying a whole new generation of world-class Ethical Hackers in the field of computer security.

AFCEH 2.0 updates you on the most dangerous computer security vulnerabilities and teaches you newly discovered techniques to safeguard computer systems.

The program contains new and comprehensive training material, content, lectures and books on the latest tools, techniques and methods being used in the field of computer security.

Program Format
This program will be taught on a blended e-learning format, utilizing Video-on-Demand and Video Conferencing at Reliance World.

Program Duration
1 Month

Program Fee
Rs. 6499 including taxes

Free Books
Register for AFCEH 2.0 and get Ankit Fadia’s six international bestsellers worth Rs. 1545 absolutely free when you attend the program.

Ankit Fadia Books

Program Contents

1. Planning an Attack

IP Addresses
Enumerating Remote Systems
Hiding Your IP Address
Tracing an IP Address

2. Preparing an Attack

Network Reconnaissance
Port Scanning
Daemon Banner Grabbing and Port Enumeration
ICMP Scanning
Firewall Enumeration
OS Detection

3. Hacking Windows

The Look and Feel
Security Checklists

4. Network Hacking

5. Email Hacking

Tracing Emails
Email Forging
The Post Office Protocol (POP)
Cracking Email Accounts
Securing Email

6. Instant Messenger Hacking

7. Web Hacking

8. Input Validation Attacks

9. Buffer Overflows

10. Intellectual Property Thefts

Introduction & Case Studies
Spyware Software
Traditional Data Hiding Techniques

11. Social Engineering Attacks

12. Password Cracking Decrypted

13. TCP/IP: A Mammoth Description

14. Identity Attacks

Proxy Servers
IP Spoofing
Onion Routing

15. DOS Attacks

16. Cryptography, Firewalls and Error Messages

17. Batch File Programming

18. Viruses Torn Apart

19. Viruses Torn Apart Part 2

20. Wireless Hacking new

21. Windows Vista Security Analysis new

22. USB Hacking new

23. System Hacking new

24. UNIX Security Loopholes new

AFCEH 2.0 also contains new secrets, tips and tricks on all the above mentioned topics like
scanning, network reconnaissance, windows hacking, password cracking, email hacking, DOS attacks, social engineering and many others.

For detailed break-up of each topic please log in to

For more information on AFCEH 2.0, walk into your nearest Reliance World.

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